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  • Lena Walker lit a candle on 09/23/2017:
    " Hi Mom! I love you bud I'm just writing to tell you that we had a beautiful celebration of life dinner for you on the 28th. Everyone was here: your son, your four grandsons, Delma, Joyce, Lucette, Keith and me a course! Lucette made a delicious blackberry pie just for you and we made a roast chicken just the way you like it. We told stories around the table about all of our happy memories. It was very emotional and fun and your spirit was around. I wrote a special story about you and the day you were born - that freezing cold morning you and Nanny alone, at the hospital. Everyone was very quiet but I think they appreciated it. Mom, can you make a place for two more apprenticeships in heaven's kitchen, for Joyce's two nieces? They died this month. It's very sad. Mom, you know these days are very difficult for me and for Isaiahand John and the boys too, so please hold us close and ask Mary and Margaret to help. I love you weasel dog and I'll talk to you again soon. Mom, keep those girls busy and teach them how to make bread, biscuits, jams and of course the pink squares. Send us a pan will you! Love, Your Bets! Xxooxxoo"

  • Betty-Lena Walker lit a candle on 12/16/2019:
    "Hello there Queen Bee! As your know, I have been critically ill for the last 14 months and you know the pain I have been through. I believe you have been by my side all the way, even when I thought I was alone! Mom, I need you to stay close and help me to heal from losing you! I am doing my very best to heal......but some days are sooooo hard! Not a day goes by that I do not think of you and all the fun we had and all the pain we shared. Isaiah is doing well. He is very strong....and in so many ways he is like you! John too....I know how much he misses you, but he is doing well soldiering on-true warriors!!! It's Christmas time and the memories are such an extreme mix of the loving fun times and of the deep longing and emptiness your absence creates. We love you Florence- you were, are and always will be my Queen Bee! All my love! ❤️❤️❤️"

  • Isaiah Walker lit a candle on 12/21/2016:
    "Today myself and Lena (Florences daughter) decorated our first Christmas tree without Nanny. It was hard but a happy thing to do in her memory. As her birthday approaches , I try to remember the happy things she would say around these times, and dwell on that. "


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  • 1958

    Learned how to make Jello (June 1st, 1958)

  • 1963

    Walked the entire length of Charlotte St. in Sydney for the first time (April 21st, 1963)

  • 1965

    Had tea with neighbour Mary for the first time (March 24th, 1965)

    Had tea with Mary for the second time (March 25th, 1965)

    Had tea with Mary for the third consecutive day (March 26th, 1965)

    For the first time since meeting Mary, she did not have tea with her (March 27th, 1965)

    Went back to the regular routine and had tea with her neighbour Mary. (For the first time they gad two cups each). (March 28th, 1965)

  • 1966

    Flossie had a baby and named him John Grayson, Johnny for short. As soon as she was able she met with Mary to show him off and ignight the spark of their relationship! Mary was thrilled to meet the little tyke! (April 5th, 1966)